The lake is saddled 'the lake is immobile' (An etymological proposal)

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Giovanni Moretti


Two essays are presented here, published in important scientific journals, relating to etymological (Giovanni Moretti 1990*) and toponymic (Antonio Batinti - Ermanno Gambini 2010) researches carried out by scholars of the project ALLI al Lago Trasimeno (PG)

 (*) Contributions of Median Italian Philology, Director Emeritus Francesco A. Ugolini, Directors Ugo Vignuzzi and Enzo Mattesini, Opera del Vocabolario dialettale Umbro, Perugia 1990.

 Moretti, The lake is saddled 'the lake is immobile' (An etymological proposal), in "Contributions of Median Italian Philology", IV, Work of the Umbrian Dialectal Vocabulary, Perugia, 1990, pp. 119-125.

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Giovanni Moretti

Giovanni Moretti, of Umbrian origins, was born in Magione (Pg). His great passion has always been research and teaching. He was initially assistant professor of Romance Philology, then of History of the Italian language at the Faculty of Literature and Philosophy of the University of Perugia; he has taught History of the Italian language and, as associate and full professor, Italian Dialectology. Giovanni Moretti also took care of the relations between the University and the territory, collaborating with the Institutions and with the Local Authorities. He died in 2005.