Relationship between Economics and Ecology Verification of the Climate Changes Taking Place in the Italian Peninsula

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Lucio Grimaldino


This report is a summary of a much wider work, the result of the collection, processing and interpretation of a vast amount of data. The scale of the original research project precludes publication, but it can be consulted on request at the Department of Economics of the University of Perugia. The program of study has for title "Integrated Model for the evolution of natural and agricultural ecosystems in relation to climate change in the Mediterranean Area (FISR-MICENA)”.

This study aims to establish a scientific knowledge base with the aim of isolating a key indicator of sustainable development, identified as natural
capital accounting, which anticipates a possible, subsequent, development of
the ecological footprint and multi-criteria analysis. Given the environmental devastation taking place in Italy due to drought and subsequent storms, it is interesting to note the contemporary significance of this work dating from 2011.

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