Current Climate Change and Bio-Environmental Adaptations in Umbria (Italy)

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Fabrizio Luciani


The acquisition of historical-spatial series of meteorological data was institutionalised in 1920, when the Italian National Hydrological Institute began to officially publish the relative bulletins. Over a hundred years after that moment, we can unfortunately say with certainty that the data in our possession indicate a significant increase in atmospheric temperatures linked to a simultaneous significant change in rainfall throughout the year. The recent floods that occurred in 2022 in the Marche (Senigallia - September 2022) and in Emilia Romagna (from Cesena to Bologna - May 2023), with their terrible toll of human lives, bear witness to this worrying reality. The work presented here, greatly reduced in data due to objective lack of space, is the reasoned synthesis of a proposal for land management in the face of undeniable environmental changes triggered by the ongoing climate change. The study areas concern the areas of the Trasimeno water basins, the Tiber river and the area of ??the Terni basin, in Umbria (Italy).

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